Flappers and Philosophers
SECRET TUNNEL    Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two    And you shall recieve    Come at me bro
About: "I can scream as loud as anyone, but when asked to make a point I tend to whisper."
My name is Moira and some of my favorite things are words, writing, music, selfies, linguistics, chicken nuggets, and dogs.

about me's as done by others: "Hello. My name is MOIRA. No matter what eatery I go to I will order any chicken entrée minus the vegetables add the chicken fried. I burn easily. I am the UMW eagle. Literature. Sweaters. Thrift Stores. F.U.N."- anon
"I am really cool and smart and sometimes funny. Also I'm very pretty."-anon
"I'm Moira and I'm pretentious but in a cool way."- anon
""I'm Moira and I love chicken nuggets and also I'm so passionate about linguistics that I high-five people when they mention they're planning on minoring in that."-claire
"hi! my name is moira and i love my school and people. i like to get chicken tenders from the nest and wear cool lobster shirts. linguistics is my shizznit and im kewl."- evan

The true essence of beauty

you guys.
what if fun. did a five year anniversary tour for Aim & Ignite on which they played Aim & Ignite in its entirety.

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  12. quietlyc0nfident said: That would be pretty fucking rad. I’d love for The Format to get back together so I can hear “The First Single (You Know Me)”, “She Doesn’t Get It”, and “Oceans” as well.
  13. mrhammondthephonesareworking said: and imagine if the format opened for them just imagine that for a second the format opening for fun just imagine
  14. mirrorsinthedark said: oh my god yes PLEASE
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