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About: "I can scream as loud as anyone, but when asked to make a point I tend to whisper."
My name is Moira and some of my favorite things are words, writing, music, selfies, linguistics, chicken nuggets, and dogs.

about me's as done by others: "Hello. My name is MOIRA. No matter what eatery I go to I will order any chicken entrée minus the vegetables add the chicken fried. I burn easily. I am the UMW eagle. Literature. Sweaters. Thrift Stores. F.U.N."- anon
"I am really cool and smart and sometimes funny. Also I'm very pretty."-anon
"I'm Moira and I'm pretentious but in a cool way."- anon
""I'm Moira and I love chicken nuggets and also I'm so passionate about linguistics that I high-five people when they mention they're planning on minoring in that."-claire
"hi! my name is moira and i love my school and people. i like to get chicken tenders from the nest and wear cool lobster shirts. linguistics is my shizznit and im kewl."- evan

The true essence of beauty

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My thighs are bigger than my chances in life

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when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image

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because i hate it when people post these without recipes, here are all of them. some of these aren’t EXACTLY the same, but they’re close enough to still be delicious.

triple layer brownie cake / cherry bliss brownie / chocolate truffle layer cake / snickers peanut butter brownie ice cream cake / surprise inside ice cream balls / chocolate filled cream puffs / brownie cookies / chocolate snickers cake / chocolate lasagna / double chocolate brownies

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This painting is most likely done.  This is a detail of the upper left region.


This painting is most likely done.  This is a detail of the upper left region.

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Claude Monet - Morning on the Seine near Giverny, 1897

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“28. Just assume everyone has a weird fetish they’d like to keep secret.”

Tom McAllister, “107 Ironclad Rules for Writers Who Want to Be Better at Writing.”


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“If reality begins to emerge during fieldwork, it takes shape in writing. Writing may be an act of self-constitution and exorcism on the ethnographer’s part; but it is also an act of ethnographic comprehension.” —Hastrup K. ‘Writing ethnography’ (via delpanos)

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Thick Layer Paintings by  Murat Pulat 

welcome to my little village.it’s heaven here.

welcome to my little village.
it’s heaven here.

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"Saying Your Names" by Richard Siken

"Saying Your Names" by Richard Siken

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